January 27, 2023

DIsney Metaverse Investments

Disney’ s Accelerator Program has been investing in metaverse companies for several years. Here are Disney’s metaverse investments.

Byju’s India’s ed-tech startup Byju acquired Osmo, a kid-focused augmented reality games for iPhones and iPads, for $120 million.
Epic Games
The Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games sees the “metaverse” as a potentially “multitrillion-dollar part of the world economy.” Tim Sweeney’s Epic Games is, of course, the company behind the global phenomenon that is Fortnite and the Unreal toolset responsible for making it.
The next generation of Sphero games are faster, smarter and showcase the latest developments in augmented reality technology complete with zombies, fireballs and a cupcake-eating beaver.
“We can start from a surround mix or even convert the ubiquitous stereo sound that we all use in music, virtual and augmented reality, live broadcasts, and more and we’re constantly searching for other ways to increase access to quality, immersive sound that augments the listening experience.”
Emotiv has developed a headset that tracks brain patterns and allows users to control virtual and physical objects with thought.
Illumix is an augmented reality company that allows brands to create immersive experiences across entertainment and e-commerce.
Mojo Vision
Mojo Vision is developing Mojo Lens, the world’s first augmented reality smart contact lens with a built-in display that delivers “Invisible Computing.”
Jaunt To allow realistic virtual reality, Jaunt VR continuously develops tools, applications, software, and hardware.
A holographic content platform bringing light field rendering and network streaming to virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.
Pundit, Inc. allows users to discover, showcase, and share amazing digital stickers on any platform in 2D and augmented reality formats.
TYFFON develops immersive contents with VR/AR/xR technologies and operating the venues with Free Roam VR experiences.
THE VOID was a franchise of mixed reality entertainment attractions.